School Shoutouts 10-12-23

As part of Friday announcements, Principal Holley likes to give shout outs to our students who get caught doing acts of kindness around school.  We would like to share with you our weekly shout-outs.  

Mrs. Heithaus would like to honor Evander P. for being a great example and guide for his kindergarten buddy during Mass; Ella T. for being a role model for her fellow 8th graders by singing in the pews at Mass; finally, Miriam P., Evie C., Chloe T., Aminah H., and Coco O. for helping make sure that everyone in Ms. Dicker’s Pre-K class had someone to play with at recess on Wednesday. 

Ms. Kirner would like to shoutout to Nate S. for grabbing his sisters’ backpacks for them at Aftercare rather than racing to beat them to the car! She would also like to shout out Mr. Jesse for always playing soccer or football with kids at Aftercare. 

Mr. Holley would like to shoutout Sam M. in first grade for picking up trays that had spilled on the floor during lunch without being asked.

The SMOS PTA would like to give a shoutout to the 8th Grade Girl Scout Troop 1143 for their generous donation to the PTA Teacher Grants fund.


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