Bellarmine Speech League Tournament 2023

Congratulations to the SMOS Speech Team for their work in preparing and performing in the first Bellarmine Speech League Tournament of the academic year! The team performed with excellence this weekend and we are pleased to share their results and gratitude for the support of our SMOS community.


  • Josephine Bradshaw (5) and Rowan Mork (5) – Red
  • William Kruetter (5) and Theo Panneton (5) – Red
  • Elliot Mork (5) and Parker Burgess (5) – Red
  • Finn Henke (5) and Atticus Rohlfing (5) –  Blue
  • Gabriella Wimbly (7) and Sophia Whealon (7) – Blue
  • Audrey McGarry (7) and Rowan Searcy (7) –  Gold (perfect  score)


  • Francesca Gerard (5) – Red
  • Colleen Mudd (6) – Red
  • Madeleine English (5) -Blue
  • Gram Frazier (5) –   Blue
  • Daisy Herman (6) – Blue
  • Jonah Neuschafer (6) – Blue
  • Marytherese Richardson (5) – Blue
  • Louisa Russell (5) – Blue
  • Ellie Arunski (7) – Gold


  • Penelope Gray (6) – Blue
  • Margaret Barnes (8) – Gold (perfect score)
  • Nora Esker (6) – Gold (perfect score)
  • Ryan Ohs (6) – Gold (perfect score)

Thanks to Lisa Whealon, Ron Knapp, Michelle Searcy,  James Frazier, and Theresa Schafly for serving as judges and team support this weekend! We would not have been able to participate without their efforts. Thank you also to Colleen Richardson and Julia Meredith for supporting our team at practices before the tournament, and to the teachers who made room in their schedules for the team to perform in their classes this past week. Finally, our thanks to the middle school teachers who generously allow us to practice in their classrooms after school. We truly appreciate it!


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