School Shoutouts 11-30-23

As part of Friday announcements, Principal Holley likes to give shout outs to our students who get caught doing acts of kindness around school.  We would like to share with you our weekly shout-outs.  

Mr. Holley would like to honor Margaret Barnes who came in first in her age group at the Girls on the Run race this past weekend.  He also wants to congratulate all of the Girls on the Run participants who had their final run last week.  He knows these young ladies worked very hard to do their best on this race.  Great Job!

Heart and Sole (Middle School) team.

Ms. Loser would like to honor Lizzie B! Two weeks ago, Lizzie stayed in art class late to help Ms. Loser clean up and push in chairs. 

Mrs. Komos would like to honor Finn H. in 5K for his positive attitude when completing language arts assignments.  Maddie E. in 5K for always being willing to help out with any job in the classroom. 

Our 5K students want to honor Mrs. Heithaus for always being willing to step up to the plate and help out with absolutely anything in the community. 

Ms. Lexi would like to honor Corey Shorter for always being so incredibly encouraging and humble – he always puts a smile on her face and his presence brings people joy. He is always rooting for everyone!


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