SMOS Spiritwear Christmas Gifts 2023

Not sure what to get your SMOS-loving family and friends?  Don’t forget about the St. Margaret of Scotland Spiritwear store!  The Christmas elves have been hard at work on some great SMOS items, just in time for your holiday shopping.  The SMOS PTA has put together an online store with a whole bunch of Spiritwear items in varying styles, colors, and sizes – even some non-clothing swag.  There’s something for everyone (babies, too!), and much of this is not your standard “uniform” gear (it’s a bit more stylish – or at least not navy). 

Any of the tops (not bottoms or hats) on this link CAN BE worn on Friday Spiritwear days. However, none of these are uniform-compliant (meaning they cannot be worn inside during the school day on the other days) – those items still need to be obtained either through the designated channels (Just Me Apparel, Maggie’s Closet, etc.). Obviously, outerwear does not fall under these rules – if they’re wearing items to/from school it’s no different than any other outerwear.


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