School Shoutouts 01-11-24

As part of Friday announcements, Principal Holley likes to give shout outs to our students who get caught doing acts of kindness around school.  We would like to share with you our weekly shout-outs.  

Mrs. Loser would like to shout out Courtney S. and Autumn H. for cleaning up the art room tables for their classmates.

Mrs. Rasure would like to honor Nico C. and Gabe D. who came back into the classroom after the walkers were dismissed to put up all the chairs. She would also like to shout out all the middle school students who competed in the SLUH Math Contest: Joe A., Lila B., Tilly M., Zachary B., Everett D., Emma G., Alex H., Audrey M., and Otto M.

Mrs. Heithaus would like to shout out that the Kindergarten Classes did a phenomenal job lining up for lunch recess in the cafeteria on Tuesday! Josie C. saw what a friend left behind at her lunch table and picked it up without being asked to do so. Ms. Daugherty has a passion for teaching and learning that she is always ready to share with her kindergarteners! Ms. Heller puts a lot of energy into caring for all of the needs of her students, not just her academic needs. She cares for our students as people!

Ms. Kean would like to shoutout Massimo in 7th Grade who held the door open for her in the rain.

Mrs. Komos would like to shout out Marshall L. for being such an excellent participant in reading discussions and Mrs. Peterson for being such an amazing addition to fifth grade.


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