Curriculum Corner 02-22-24

Each week, we will be highlighting the amazing and wonderful things that are happening in our classrooms and grade levels at St. Margaret of Scotland School. We are very proud of the work our teachers do with our students and are amazed by what happens at SMOS. Our goal is to share more about the hidden gem that is St. Margaret’s.

This week’s Curriculum Corner will focus on our preschool classes.  While they may be the youngest in the school, they are certainly focused on some big learning in the classroom.  Our themed rooms are working on their letters of the week.  

Mrs. Hawley’s class is working on their R sounds and learning how to write their upper and lower case R’s.  They traced R’s in the air with their fingers and practiced writing them as well.  They also demonstrated how to count to 100 by tens.  

Sr. Marie’s class is working on the letter T.  They said goodbye to the letter S and welcomed T in with a song and a story.  They also spent some time talking about fasting for Lent and what were some things they were giving up for the Lenten Season.  

In the Montessori classroom, Mrs. Dicker’s class had many works going on.  Students are working on polygons by tracing them, cutting them out, and making books.  Mrs. Dicker was also teaching students how an electrical circuit works.  


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