Curriculum Corner 02-29-24

Each week, we will be highlighting the amazing and wonderful things that are happening in our classrooms and grade levels at St. Margaret of Scotland School. We are very proud of the work our teachers do with our students and are amazed by what happens at SMOS. Our goal is to share more about the hidden gem that is St. Margaret’s.

This week our kindergarten was working hard.  

Ms. Kean’s kindergarten class was working on dictation on Tuesday of CVC words. Ms. Kean uses hand motions to help students sound words out.  This is part of her Orton Gillingham training which uses best practices for reading and phonics instruction.

Mrs. Haravatin’s Class was learning about the lives of African American Saints.  Mrs. Heithaus was telling teaching about the lives of these saints and the students were using play dough to create something that reminded them of that saint. 

Ms. Kean’s class also took advantage of the nice weather to do some learning outside. They practiced writing word families and breaking apart numbers using a ten frame. 

Mrs. Harvatin’s Class is getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day by creating rainbows with pots of gold.  Our students practiced their motor skills and created writing while learning how rainbows are formed. 


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