Update To FACTS Text Message System

We have some updates regarding messages sent from the School via FACTS. Starting April 8, messages sent via Parent Alert (the text message system) will have a new short code (the numbers the text comes from).

Here’s helpful information about this system update:

  • The new short code is 317065. You might want to add this to your saved contact for the school so it does not display as an unknown sender.
  • The text header will still be the school’s FACTS SIS District Code (SMOS-MO).
  • If you previously opted out of receiving Parent Alert text messages, you will need to re-opt out by texting STOP.
  • The default caller ID on recorded voice messages will be the school phone number (314-776-7837),

Please let us know if you have any questions about these messages from the FACTS portal. Thank you.


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