Curriculum Corner 05-09-24

Each week, we will be highlighting the amazing and wonderful things that are happening in our classrooms and grade levels at St. Margaret of Scotland School. We are very proud of the work our teachers do with our students and are amazed by what happens at SMOS. Our goal is to share more about the hidden gem that is St. Margaret’s.

The 7th Grade class has been busy this Spring…

In Science, the 7th graders were tasked with choosing an experiment that they would like to conduct in the classroom. Using any of the information learned from our units on Life Science, students researched their topics, wrote a paper, and are putting together their science fair posters, which will be displayed Monday, May 13th from 7-8 pm in the Cafeteria as part of the Scholastic Showcase.

For history, to end their unit on the Civil War, the 7th grade did an escape room using codes similar to those used during the War. The prize was M&M’s.

In ELA, seventh grade is gearing up for the end of the year with poetry. They have been learning the different forms, poetic devices, and figurative language techniques that make poetry great. They are currently working on building rap songs that they will present for their final project. 

And seventh graders in the Eco Walker Elective visited the Lily Pad Pond in Tower Grove Park on a gorgeous Spring day between rain showers, and met a lot of geese and ducklings.


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