SMOS Trivia Night Wrap-Up

You could say a good slime was had by all on Saturday night in the school gym – thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! There were costumes, there was awesome food and drinks, and we even had a surprise birthday party! We raised over $16,000 towards safety and security improvements at the school – which is amazing!! A huge thank you goes to Delaney Clement for pulling off this event seamlessly with her tireless committee – Megan Biegacki, Matthew Burke, Chrissy Callison, Angela Cooper, Rebecca Johnson, Beth Kaufman, Rheagan Reynolds, Nicole Schlanger Fieseler, & Lizzy Schubert. Thank you too to our event sponsors – the Callison Family, Dix Family, & the Schubert Family – and to Wild Olive Provisions for the Mixology Contest. And special thanks to our awesome emcees – Annie Purcell & Michael Salinas for their superb portrayals of Vincent Vega and Mrs. Mia Wallace. Lastly, to everyone who volunteered to setup, run the event, and cleanup afterwards (see the list below) – we could not have done it without you!!

Additional Support:

  • Lindsey Trame
  • Derek Fieseler
  • Allyson Nolle
  • Jeremy Nolle
  • Ms. Dicker
  • Ms. Harvatin
  • Ms. Stephens
  • Ruth Pera
  • Julie Mudd
  • Andrew Mudd
  • Katy Gray
  • Kinsey Dinnell
  • Chrissy Rogers
  • Sr. Mary Catherine
  • Rick Clemens
  • Mary Clemens
  • Lauren Moran
  • Nick Kasparek


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