Principal’s Message 09-28-23

St. Margaret of Scotland Families: 

This week, I would like to highlight an organization that we partner with during the school year.  On Thursday, our sixth-grade students participated in a walking field trip in partnership with Green House Venture.  Green House Venture is a nonprofit organization whose mission includes introducing children to hands-on bio-science instruction, teaching children nutrition and urban agriculture, and learning more about STEM careers related to agriculture. 

Green House Venture works with our fourth, fifth, and sixth grades by pushing to the classroom to teach lessons.  They operate growth chambers in the school where students can grow plants and run experiments by adjusting factors like nutrients, water, and sunlight.  Finally, they have a garden on the embankment of Highway 44 on DeTonty Street.  

I am very excited to continue our partnership with this organization.  If you have any questions about the program, I encourage you to check out their website at

Have a great weekend, 

Patrick Holley  


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