Principal’s Message 10-05-23

St. Margaret of Scotland Families: 

This week I would like to encourage you to attend our parent presentation by BeSMART STL tonight, October 5, at 7pm at school.  It’s a relatively quick event and an important topic that affects the safety of all of our children – Firearm Safety.  

It is clear that school safety is an important topic that we are focusing on this year.  We are making a significant push to make SMOS a safer space for the students and staff.  The PTA is partnering with us in this endeavor by sponsoring the BeSMART program.

The BeSMART program consists of five simple steps we can all take to make sure that firearms don’t get into the hands of children, who can accidentally use them to tragic ends.  Accidental shootings happen in all sorts of neighborhoods and across many demographics.  This program brings awareness of having uncomfortable conversations about firearms when your children go to someone else’s house in an unobtrusive and nonjudgmental way.   As a community we can make a commitment to “BeSMART”, then we put our kids first, and we learn how to make some easy adjustments that can have a major impact.

You can register for the event at – OR just show up. We hope you can join us to help the SMOS community to BeSMART, and keep our children safe.

God Bless,

Patrick Holley  


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