Principal’s Message 10-26-23

St. Margaret of Scotland Families: 

I am happy to say that I was very impressed with our overall standardized test scores.  You never know how those will look coming into a new school, but St. Margaret’s is consistently above national norms in all grade level cohorts and excels in many places.  As with any standardized test, there are always areas for improvement.  I have been meeting with teachers to go over certain domains that we can address.  However, these are some of the best scores I have seen as a collective group.  Our students continue to impress.  

I know we have a very different week next week.  There will be a lot of fun in the beginning of the week with HalloweenFest and Halloween parties.  I also look forward to seeing all of you during parent teacher conferences.  Have a great weekend. 

God Bless,

Patrick Holley


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