Principal’s Message 02-15-24

St. Margaret of Scotland Families:

It is part of my job as a principal to participate in both formal and informal observations of teachers over the school year.  While this is a valuable tool for me to see what is going on in the classroom and provide coaching to teachers when needed, more often than not I have the opportunity to experience all of the wonderful things that are happening in the classroom.  

To bring these experiences to you, I would like to introduce a new article in the newsletter.  We are calling this Curriculum Corner. In this article, we will highlight what is going on in a grade level at St. Margarets.  I often say there is no use in being a hidden gem. I am extremely proud of the work our teachers do with our students and amazed every day by what happens here.  We will begin next week with preschool, but I will give a small preview below of some of the things that I have observed over the last couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy.

God Bless, 

Patrick Holley


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