Principal’s Message 05-09-24

St. Margaret of Scotland Families:

I cannot tell you how excited and humbled I was to see the result of the SMOS Day of Service.  The additions and updates made to the school both inside and outside were truly amazing.  I am continually amazed at the talents and generosity of our community members.  It is a testament to the dedication of our community.

We are officially sliding into the end of the year.  It is traditional at this time of year to remember our graduating class.  I have been honored to get to know this group of young women and men this year.  I am continually impressed with their vibrant personalities and their care for each other.  As they start there last week at St. Margaret’s, I ask that you pray for them as they finish this chapter of their lives and prepare to begin a new one in the fall.

God Bless,
Patrick Holley


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