Annual PTA Classroom Stipends

Each year, the PTA provides stipends to each of the lead and specials teachers, so that they can buy something for their classroom that they’re in need of.  In the past, these checks were for $100 – but thanks to all of you (and your pizza loving children!), the PTA was able to increase the stipend for each classroom to $250 for this year. (Things are more expensive due to inflation, and it was figured this could be a big boost to the staff.)  

Checks went out to the teachers this week.  And the PTA received this lovely thank-you from 5th Grade Teacher Mrs. Komos, which (with her permission) the Board wanted to share to highlight the good work that can happen thanks to SMOS families’ generosity.  Here’s the letter:

Good Morning, 

It is with great gratitude that I send this email. Today I received the $250 check to buy materials for the classroom. With this check, I was able to order materials for something in my room that I have always wanted, but have never had, a quiet reading space for the kids. The kids helped me pick out a rug and bean bag chairs. We are all so excited. 

Thanks for all you do to support the SMOS community. 

Katie Komos
Grade 5

Again, this is really thanks to all of you!  The PTA regularly works to use it funds to support the teaching staff and provide a better school environment for our children.  If you would like to participate in these efforts, please contact the SMOS PTA anytime at


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