CIDE Update 08-17-23

My name is Corey Shorter, I’m 34, married, and with a thirteen-year-old daughter. I recently completed my first year as an assistant 3rd grade teacher. This year however I assumed a new role as assistant fourth grade teacher as well as the Coordinator of Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management and an associate’s degree in business administration. I have multiple LLCs but one I’m most proud of is my brand Hidden Wealth. 


Mission: “To build and leverage a diverse and inclusive environment, committed to ensure the success for all students and staff”

VISION: Corey Shorter has created a career in serving the youth as well as his community and has been doing so for 5+ years. He’s motivated by the mission to help the youth as well as adults find their fulfillment and discover their purpose in life.


(2021) Columbia College business pitch competition 2nd place winner 

(2021) Columbia College student representative for STL Today 

(2022) Boss Talk guest speaker 

(2022) Successfully hosted multiple youth events

(2022) Member of the heartland black chamber of commerce

(2023) certification from the anti-defamation league


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