Dear Maggie – August 24, 2023

Dear Maggie —

I saw the STRANGEST thing the other day at pick up! The Reynolds kids and Kasperek-Sonntag kids were yelling at each other between two minivans about whether t-shirt day was on Monday or Friday.  It was rousing and friendly – kind of in a “Tastes Great, Less Filling” sort of way.  There was chanting and foot stomping and I’m pretty sure I heard one of the kids scream, “I know you are but what am I?!”  Man all of those kids have all got a set of pipes on them!  I didn’t know any students felt so strongly about which camp their family fell into, be it Team Monday or Team Friday, but kudos for the passion guys!  And while I wasn’t directly involved in the incident, I would love some resolution seeing that I am firmly on Team Friday – given that I’ve usually forgotten to do a much needed load of laundry and my kids are always out of uniform shirts by then!  I’m all for “cheer”, but more in a laundry detergent sort of way. So please settle the score and tell me what day of the week students can wear Spiritwear.

— Lazy Laundry Linda

Dear Lazy —

Wow! I have seen some petty activity happen on that blacktop over the years, but this may just take the cake! I wish I had even an iota of that passion about ANYTHING in my life! I wouldn’t have stopped at becoming queen; I would have achieved world dominance!

I did overhear some discussion on one of the thousands of Facebook groups you guys have, and wondered if my next inquiry might be on this topic. So, I did some digging and found the answers you are looking for; plus a few other fun uniform facts! I recognize you and I might have different definitions of “fun”, but the thrills are few and far between when you’re as dead as I am! Here’s the skinny straight from the handbook, as well as Mrs Lueke. Team Friday wins this battle! Spiritwear Day is Friday – meaning students may wear any SMOS top with their uniform bottoms. Now here comes the FUN🥳 in the form of a few additional uniform clarifications:

  • Smart watches have been added to the handbook and the official ruling is that smart watches (or watches that make noise) are NOT allowed at school. 
  • Light Blue polos have been completely phased out of the uniform and are no longer uniform compliant. Only red or white polos may be worn with uniform bottoms.

Alright, I am worn out from that absolute rager of a uniform recap! Moving forward, remind any passionate kids you see arguing on the blacktop that we are all on the same team! Can I get an S? S! Can I get an M? M! Can I get an O? O! Can I get an S? S! SMOS DRAGONS! 

St Margaret of Scotland pray for us! Us* being all the parents out there just trying to get out from underneath the pillars of laundry honoring the millions of other things they’ve got going on during this difficult time also known as Back to School month!

— Maggie


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