Dear Maggie – September 28, 2023

Dear Maggie —

We’re not a new family but we’re also not an old family…ya know what I mean?  No?  Ok, what I’m trying to say is: this isn’t our first year but it’s also not our 9th year.  I feel like I generally know how the school year’s events go, but there’s one that’s always thrown me for a loop – the SMOS Golf Scramble??  Every year, I hear about the “golf tournament”, but I don’t really know what to expect?  I’m thinking about registering but I wouldn’t consider myself very good. If I’m being honest, my swing resembles Happy Gilmore more than Tiger Woods.  I’m kind of intimidated by Forest Park Golf Course, and feel I might be better relegated to the Puttshack.  I wish I could hit the links as often as Miguel Garcia, but I am not that lucky, so mediocre I remain!  Can you fill me in on this annual event?  Please give me the order of play so I can decide whether this is my cup of tee!😉

— Putt Putt Peter

Dear Putt Putt —

I am so excited about this question AND this event.  I LOVE golf!  You know, golf was invented in Scotland after all?!  The game as we know it now has certainly evolved over time, but it started just up the road from where I grew up a few short years after I was born. By a “few” I mean 500 years… that’s really not that long when you’ve been around for 978 years! Which is almost as long as it feels the Athletic Association has been putting on this event!

Ok, now that I’ve given you a little history lesson, I can drive home the facts about this scramble. The most important thing to know is that you don’t have to be Miguel Garcia Tiger Woods to participate. It is a super-fun event that is intended to bring people together, all while raising money for our school.  And I wouldn’t worry if your idea of golf is trying to get the ball past the windmill – there are plenty of golfers out there at all sorts of levels of play. Anyone can and should join in the fun! It’s really one big party – after all, there’s always the 19th hole!

You can find the pertinent details about this tournament in all-things SMOS-y, but I spoke to the Auction Queen turned Golf Scramble Queen, Delaney Clement 👑, and got some of the less bullet point-y facts:

You’ll need to chip in $125 per person or $500 per team in order to approach the tee box and play your hearts out.  

And if your golf game is a total flop but you still want to participate there are a few other options for you too.  You can always pull a mulligan and sponsor a hole and get your company’s name or even just a photo of your mug on a sign at a tee box.  Hole sponsorships are only $100.  Delaney A little birdie told me there are only 4 left, so send your caddie on over to WeShare quick!  If you’re looking to hone your long game, you could be an event sponsor for $1,500. This gimme will get your logo prominently placed on event signage, invitations, and the WeShare website. It also grants you admission of one team of 4 players to the tournament. Both options seem like pin highs to me!

Now if your game is really riddled with worm burners, and you’re looking to offer your time instead of cash, volunteering might just be your order of play.  This event surely takes a great deal of manpower to run so if you excel at driving a golf cart or yelling “FORE!” go ahead and email and let her know that you’re ready to pitch in!

Now that I’ve got you all teed up, show us that you’ve got follow-through, and head over to WeShare and sign up to get your Bogey on!

— Maggie


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