Meet Our New Teachers!

These faculty members joined us at or just after the start of the school year. Please join us in welcoming them to the SMOS community!

Lexi Albrecht

Meet Ms. Lexi Albrecht! Ms. Lexi is a childcare provider who was interested in diving deeper into the educational abilities of children. She now works as a preschool aid. In her free time she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga and hiking!

Alura Berry

Ms. Alura Berry has loved the SMOS community for some time now. After working in our aftercare program in previous years, she joins our school staff as one of our middle school ELA teachers. When Ms. Berry is not at school, she enjoys reading, baking, and going for walks. 

Allison Carron

Ms. Allison Carron is our part time Learning Consultant. She is happy to be here at SMOS because she grew up Catholic, so she enjoys having the chance to support students, parents, and teachers in this environment. When she is not here, she likes spending time with her family, including her 18 month old and her new baby due in just a few weeks!

Sr. Donna

Sr. Donna joins us as the new preschool floater and building assistant. In our building on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Sr. Donna is passionate about being a good influence in the lives of children. She is part of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and lives in community with other sisters. Her goal is to be a loving and accepting presence in the lives of the children she meets. 

Bridget Dicker

Ms. Bridget Dicker is a Montessori enthusiast, and is thoroughly enjoying serving as the lead teacher in our Montessori preschool room! She loves children because they are very wise and quite hilarious. When she is not here at school, she really enjoys gardening. 

Jessica Ferree

Ms. Jessica Ferree joins us as our substitute teacher / preschool assistant extraordinaire! Ms. Jessica and her sons are new to SMOS this year, and we are thrilled to have them. When Ms. Jessica is not at school, she enjoys building with legos. 

Emily Harvatin

Ms. Emily Harvatin is no stranger to SMOS. She has been here many times with her mom, kindergarten teacher Rita Harvatin! She is currently working as a substitute here at SMOS and is excited to lend a helping hand. 

Stacy Hawley

Meet Ms. Stacy Hawley! Working as a lead preschool teacher, Ms. Hawley is excited to be here and be part of the community at SMOS. Her family was new to SMOS last year, so she is excited to be part of it as both a teacher and a parent. When she is not at school she is a dance mom!

Kara Peterson

Ms. Kara Peterson is the new student teacher in Ms. Joyce’s 4th grade class. She is currently in school at Western Governors University. In her free time, she loves camping and spending time with her family. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Peterson!

Abby Smith

Meet Ms. Abby Smith! She is serving as the 3rd grade TA. Ms. Smith came to SMOS because she loves working with children. Other things she loves include being outside and exploring new things!


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