Dear Maggie – November 9, 2023

Dear Maggie —

Quick question… Did I see Mr. Holley carrying YOU down 39th Street the other day?!?! That’s all.  But seriously… knock twice on the gym door if you’re being held captive. 

— Concerned Cathy

Dear Concerned —

Shesh, the Shaw Citizens Brigade does NOT mess around! You’ve got some eagle eyes! Yes, you did see Mr. Holley carrying me down 39th St. on Tuesday – well technically, it was my statue, but tomato, tomata.  I will say the least he could have done is give a girl some Dramamine before he threw me over his shoulder like a potato sack and marched all over creation!  Someone even managed to snap a picture of the incident, I’ll show you later!

You may or may not know that Dragon’s Grove is having to be relocated. This beloved community garden has been around for almost as long as I have been and was utilized by teachers and students all year round. The garden used to be located across the street from school at the corner of Shaw and Lawrence, but due to many outside factors, it can no longer remain there. So, admin has spent the past several months brainstorming about where/how to relocate it. It was ultimately decided to move it to the grassy lawn on the west side of the school. Dragon’s Grove 2.0, as we are calling it, will have a few phases – ultimately culminating in the full relocation of the garden to this spot.   

For now, the large dome (which was a gift from the Missouri Botanical Garden) has been moved from the old garden to its new home, and my statue has been placed in the center (right where I belong — if I do say so myself!) along with a bench for visitors to sit and relax. This space will serve as a temporary St. Margaret Grotto for the time being. I think you all know what I’m going to say next. Please come and admire my beauty and spend a moment of quiet reflection whenever you feel the need. I will warn you, “quiet” is a relative term when you’re that close to Lawrence St. I really need to start scaring some of these reckless drivers straight! Shout out to Chrissy and Whit Rogers who facilitated the move and made this shrine spot so lovely.

Thanks for your concern, but I assure you I am just fine! That doesn’t mean I won’t be knocking on random doors trying to keep these kids on their toes! Don’t be a stranger, come visit my new crib sometime soon! If you’re lucky, I’ll give you a tour a la MTV 2010 style.

— Maggie


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