CRE Update 01-25-24

Please join us for Parent Prayer tomorrow morning at 7:55 in the Hesed Outdoor Classroom!

One of the beautiful things about a Catholic school is that it is supported by a wide variety of people, including the parishioners. This weekend we have a really beautiful opportunity to bring our parish and school together. I would encourage you to bring your children to Mass this weekend not only because they need to be with Jesus in the same way that we do, but also because it is an outstanding chance for them to see the support they have in their parish community. Let them see the great number of people who care for them and their growth in their relationship with Christ. Allow them to meet some of the people who pray for them each day. Our school would not function as well without our parish and vice versa. Help us build that relationship by bringing your children to Mass this weekend and every weekend after!


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