Dear Maggie – January 18, 2024

SOS! I lost my phone! Bernie and Terry and I got the password and went to the Speakeasy at the City Foundry the other night – and then got roped into a game of Never Have I Ever.  And well – things played out as you might think they would. Needless to say, between the three of us; there’s not much we HAVEN’T done 🫣. Soooo, here I am waiting for my appointment with the Genius Bar tomorrow at 10 am to set up my new phone. 

Since I haven’t had a cell for 4 days and I haven’t used a PC since Windows 95 was all the rage, I haven’t been able to check my email lately. I’ll have to weed through my inbox for your pressing questions next week; I have no doubt it’s been flooded with your inquiries 😉. But in the meantime, I wanted to (at least) connect this week.  And Bernie is pretty annoyed that I’m making her dictate to Siri to write this right now on her phone. #SheWillGetOverIt

I do know that pretty much everything going on around school these days is about gearing up for Catholic Schools Week and the Open House.  Well, Mr. Holley might disagree with me about that – probably not everything – but I’ll just say that everything I’m focusing on.  As you might have guessed, CSW is like my Super Bowl and Mardi Gras all wrapped up into one amazing week!  I can’t think of anything better than spending a week celebrating St Margaret’s AND Catholic education for seven whole days!  I am just giddy thinking about the fun that’s about to be had. I even remember with fondness back to the days when I went ice skating with my family at the Edinburgh (or was it Edin-berg… like Stein-berg?) Ice Rink on the Thursday during CSW – strangely enough a woman named Lauren planned that event at my school too! #StrangeCoincidence 

And I know parents hate them – but I live for (you know what I mean 🙄) all the dress-up days and the pep rally! Nothing warms my heart like seeing kids decked out in blue and gold from head to toe and pre-schoolers dressed as tiny Mr. Raneks.  I am really hoping for some good Mr. Holley impersonators this year!  And I’ll be (haunting) all over the Faculty vs. 8th Grade annual volleyball game.  Ooh-wee – talk about competition – I’ve already heard some of the staff talking some smack about this year’s line-up.  We shall see!

With everything going on, I’m sure I’ll be seeing most of you around sometime before the end of the month.  But in the meantime, please send me your contact info again to or text me at (314) 530-8631‬ – since I’ll be getting a new phone (but luckily keeping my old number), I’ll be starting again from scratch with my address book.  (Being a saint – you think I’d have backed up to “the cloud”!)  You can send me more questions to either of those too, and I promise I’ll be back with more answers next week.  And bonus points for anyone who dresses like me for Catholic Schools Week – just make sure to include my new phone as part of your accessories!

— Maggie


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