Dear Maggie – March 14, 2024

Dear Maggie —

How are you – I missed you last week, BTW?  I’m hoping you can provide me with the proverbial “Get Out of Jail Free” card!  Before both feet had crossed the threshold last night, my daughter promptly said, “Give me all the hot goss from the PTA meeting!”  You see, the problem is… that I went to Sasha’s with some mom friends instead of going to the PTA meeting like I had told her I was doing.  It didn’t start out as devious as it sounds.  Honestly, we had every intention of going, but meetings are not always my thing, and as our conversation devolved over a few texts, we decided our time would be better spent over a glass of Pinot Noir than discussing room parent drama logistics and coffee sales.  Don’t get me wrong, I know the work the PTA does is integral to the success of our school community but last night we just, as the kids say… could not with that.  While I was able to hold her off with the classic “I’m tired, let’s talk about it tomorrow”, she’s the following-up kind, so I need to be prepared.  Usually, I’m not one to feel the need to explain myself to my teenager, but I’ve been giving LOTS of “honoring your commitments” and “if you say you’re going somewhere, that’s where you need to be” lectures lately.  So as you can see, I’ve got a bit of a – Do As I Say, Not As I Do —  situation on my hands.  Can you give me just enough details to sprinkle into my conversation with my 8th grader tonight over dinner, so I can avoid looking like the hypocrite I am? Thanks!

— Pennybags Paula

Dear Pennybags —

I’m sure you all missed me last week, but the person who writes the newsletter was sick – so I got an unexpected week off.  I love a spontaneous trip, and so I convinced Terry and Bernie to come with me to Singapore to catch Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour before she takes a break for a few months.  Girl has got it going on! #SwiftieForLife  I flew in just in time for the PTA, so luckily, I’ve got you covered! 

Just between you and me (and my tens of readers), I sometimes want to pluck each hair out of my head one by one rather than sit through a PTA meeting.  But, then every few months, there’s an especially exciting meeting, and Michael and Rheagan redeem themselves 🤣.  Unfortunately for you, you missed one of those meetings this week!  The PTA both agreed to spend upwards of $20,000 on fencing equipment (who knew those swords were so expensive?!) and Mr. Holley told us about how he met Tommy Hilfiger last week!  It was a real blockbuster meeting! 

My girl Taylor recently said “Jet lag is a choice” but I beg to differ!  I must have been nodding off during the meeting because apparently, my facts are all out of whack.  B & T are currently informing me via text as I write this, that I’m spreading all kinds of fake news 😬. Whoops! Ok so here’s what really happened – according to them:

  1. The PTA isn’t spending $20K on fencing equipment, they are spending it on a new fence (and a permanent basketball hoop, I totally missed that detail!) and new gates for the driveway 
  2. Mr. Holley didn’t meet Tommy Hilfiger, we are getting additional uniform options and the vendor is Tommy Hilfiger. 

These all seem like minor discrepancies but whatever. Tomato, tomato if you ask me. I think the original version sounds way more exciting! You decide which is better #TeamMaggie or #TeamBandT. 

Either way, it sounds like some exciting stuff is coming to SMOS and I’m glad the PTA is willing to fork over the cash to make it happen.  So, go ahead and roll the dice on whether you’ll be bored to tears or spending cash like a 10-year-old playing Monopoly at the next PTA meeting – but you’ll never know if you don’t show up!  The next meeting is April 9th, hopefully I’ll see you there, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see me!

— Maggie


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