Service Opportunities

Garden & Groundskeeping

The beautiful rose garden that we enjoy today was established by Fr. Ken Brown, whose vision was to have an outdoor retreat where he could relax and meditate while enhancing the beauty of the grounds for the entire parish to enjoy.

Today, volunteers to maintain the rose garden, as well as the landscaping on the 39th Street side of the church and the front of the church where you will find our commemorative brick pavers.

Fr. O’Toole greatly appreciated the beauty of the grounds and wanted to add to this vision.

In the spring of 2012, several trees and colorful plants were added to the front and back of the rectory. Father O’Toole’s personal touch is his herb garden and tomato plants.

The goal is that the gardens will continue to thrive so that all may enjoy God’s beauty for many years to come.

To get involved, contact Carmela Garza at or 314-776-0363.