Liturgical Ministries


Lectors proclaim and share the Word of God at Mass and in other liturgical settings.

Lectors help to reveal the voice of God to the parish family by presenting the Word in a reverent way that helps strengthen the relationship between the worshippers and God as Scripture. Two Lectors are utilized at each Mass to present the two readings.

Our goal as ministers of the Word at St. Margaret of Scotland is to effectively spread the word of God through prayer, study, and practice, heightening and deepening the faith of the congregation in their encounter with the Word of God.

Ideally, Lectors will prepare their readings at least a week in advance by reading the scripture several times, reflecting on the meaning of all three readings for the day, and considering the themes present in the Scripture for that particular Mass. Lectors are encouraged to thoughtfully consider other source material for their reading to ensure they are faithful to the retelling of the message of God.