Service Opportunities

SMOS Babysitters Club

Do you love children?  Even other people’s children?  Then have we got the thing for you!

Join the SMOS Babysitters Club!  We’re looking for volunteers who might be interested in helping out the Parish by doing some babysitting for SMOS events.  Any teen or adult (7th Grade and older) is welcome to sign up – and we will contact you on an at-need basis (if you’re familiar with the SMOS Bakers Group – this will work the same way).  You will need to have completed Protecting God’s Children if you are an adult.

And here’s where this gets interesting – we also recognize that there is often a need for babysitting in the community within private homes – so when you sign up, you can let us know whether you’d like us to share your info out to the SMOS Community to use in a directory of sorts when families are looking for babysitters – and this way you can also get some paying gigs out of this group as well.

Just click the link below to enter your contact info – and we will reach out when we have events!  Super simple!

Click Here To Sign-Up