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We are currently accepting registrations for the SMOS Aftercare Program for the 2020-2021 School Year! Care will be provided from 3-6 pm on school days. For all days listed on the school calendar as “No school” there will be no aftercare provided. There will be no aftercare provided for ½ days, the first two days of school, parent/teacher conference days, the last day of school, and breaks. We recognize that the upcoming school year may not follow a regular schedule as the current pandemic continues to unfold. Due to the unknowns, we are moving forward on the assumption that we will have a regular year with full-time school and aftercare. The program cost is based on that assumption. However, should the aftercare schedule need to be changed we will adjust the program fees accordingly. Fees will not be more than outlined in the “Program Cost” section below.

Program Details

Program Directors: Cailin Carel and Rita Harvatin. They will be your primary contacts regarding the program.

Program Staff: SMOS Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be helping Ms. Carel and Ms. Harvatin run the program. Other lead teachers will be hired based upon enrollment.

Program Aides: Additional staff will be hired based upon the enrollment numbers. The program will have statutory required staff: child ratios. All program aides have completed Protecting God1 s Children.

Program Cost: The Registration Fee is $25/family. The aftercare cost is $180 per month for 1 child and $160 for each additional child. The partial months of August and May will be charged at $45.00 per week for 1 child and $40.00 per week for each additional child. To reserve your spot, please fill out the registration form. The form can be returned to the School Office. Registration payment will be accepted via WeShare. Only one deposit is required per family.