Extracurricular Activities

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are chosen from our middle school (grades 6-8) students. They are students who have already begun to demonstrate poise and comfort when speaking with adults, who love St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School and who have a strong desire to share their time and talents in representing St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School.  Our student ambassadors are most visible during our big events.  VIP Day is a day set aside for celebrating St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, as well as our students’ grandparents and important family friends. Our student ambassadors act as greeters assisting visitors in finding their way around our school.

At Open House, you will meet our student ambassadors as they assist with tours – the adult tour guides would be lost without them.  It’s the student ambassadors who can really tell a visitor what it’s like at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish School.

Finally, our student ambassadors are essential helpers during kindergarten screening.  Many of the little ones who come to kindergarten screening are apprehensive about leaving their parent to go off to work with teachers, but when a student ambassador offers a friendly hand and gentle smile the little one is often very willing to give this new experience a try.  Our student ambassadors are the go-to kids whenever we want to show the public who and what we are.