Extracurricular Activities

Yearbook Committee

Students in middle school (grades 6-8) have the opportunity to participate in creating the school yearbook. Students will learn photography, layout, and editing.

5th-grade teachers are asked for student recommendations to join the yearbook committee. Typically, there will be 6 students from grades 6-8. Once a student joins yearbook, they are committed for all three years. Typically, the yearbook staff meets after school weekly.

The yearbook committee also holds a Yearbook Cover Art contest for grades 3-8. Students submit original art to be featured as the cover of the yearbook in October or November.

The yearbook is subsidized by the PTA, who provides a copy of each yearbook for each student at the end of the year.

2019-20 Message from the Yearbook Chairs

After serving as PTA President Kristin Byrne and Past Vice President Nicole Mohler took the initiative to create our first-ever SMOS yearbook in 2011. It was important for us to document student life at SMOS and to provide a free yearbook to each student and faculty member in our school. The PTA continues to make the financial investment to generously provide funding for this endeavor. To offset some of the costs while our school grows, the yearbook committee hosts an annual bake sale. We also sell ads for purchase in the back of the yearbook to help with funding as well.

The yearbook is currently in its 9th school year. During these 9 years, we have grown exponentially. The yearbook has highlighted many changes during these years, including student class sizes, the building of Purcell Hall, our centennial and the departure of Mrs. Hesed. We also welcome 3-8th graders to participate in the yearbook cover contest.

After our 2nd year, we decided to form a middle school yearbook student committee. Typically we have about 6 kids per middle school grade. The process has been to reach out to our 5th-grade teachers to nominate students they think would be a good fit for us. We then invite those students to join for their 3 middle school years. After each year we revisit their commitment to see if they would like to opt-out but we strongly encourage students to complete all 3 years. We have found great success in this 3-year commitment as our older kids help teach and train our new members.

The yearbook committee participates in several roles: Photography, Layout, Writing and Fundraising. As co-chairs, Kristin handles business managing (fundraising, messages and ads) and Nicole leads the creative and photography. School parent Derrick Goold also helps with our writing team.

The tide will continue to turn with our departure. Nicole and Derrick will graduate out this coming spring and Kristin in 2021.We would love to see the yearbook continue and flourish. With that said, we are looking to mentor the next chairs of the yearbook. We are ready to pass the torch, this labor of love that requires time and dedication.

Like many extracurricular activities at SMOS, the yearbook is parent volunteer-driven. As parents, we have tried our best to document our young dragons at SMOS. It’s never perfect, but we put much effort and time into it.

We have enjoyed the birth and nurturing of our yearbook. In the end, it’s the beginning that counts and we hope that a new beginning and era for the yearbook finds new leadership as we start the process of saying farewell.

Kristin Byrne and Nicole Mohler