Extracurricular Activities

Choir – Youth

Youth Chorus is an excellent means of expanding upon the choral singing experience begun in the classroom. Open to children in 4th and 5th grade, the Youth Chorus is directed by our music teacher, Linsey Calza and is accompanied by our parish pianist, Peter Hesed. There are three basic goals for each child: vocal excellence, musical proficiency, and choral opportunities. Children do not need to audition for the Youth Chorus.

Children learn to sing correctly, using the body as an instrument, and learn proper projection and solo techniques. Time is spent at the beginning of rehearsals on sight-reading skills, and students expand on those skills as they read through performance music together. Practices are after school one day per week.

Children in the Youth Chorus perform with the Junior High Choir throughout the year at the school, parish, and various venues. Some of the performances take place at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Wild Lights at the zoo, and various parish liturgies.

The Youth Chorus and the Junior High Choir leads the music at the Christmas Eve 4:30 p.m. service at St. Margaret of Scotland church.