SMOS Racism Reflection IX

The following concludes our series of reflections on our Parish Statement on Racism.

Let us read these words with care, discern how God calls us, and allow ourselves to be moved to action: “We write this letter in solidarity with all those who have been exploited by personal and systemic racism since before the founding of our country. As Catholics seeking to fully live the Gospel, we are obliged to work to defend the dignity of the human person by eliminating racism in all forms. We will publish lists of actions to fulfill this obligation. We encourage fellow parishioners to add their energy and ideas to the ongoing work of the Living Justice Ministry’s Racial Equity Team. With resolve and with hope, we dedicate ourselves to this necessary work. May the life and words of Jesus be our inspiration and our Hope as we spread His Gospel of Love.” (from St. Margaret of Scotland Parish Statement Against Racism)

And, so we invite you to prayerfully reflect on this call in our Statement Against Racism

  • What are your ideas for learning about and changing racist systems and institutions? 
  • What energy and gifts do you have to offer to the work of eliminating the sin of racism?
  • What gives you hope? How can you share hope with others, especially those who are marginalized or suffering because of racist actions and attitudes? 

Here are some ways to take action:

  • Join the discussion “Unclouding the Past” on the racial history of the parish on Sunday, March 12 after 10am Mass in the church basement.
  • Get involved with the Racial Equity Team of the Living Justice Ministries. Learn more about monthly meetings and other ways to participate at SMOS Living Justice Ministries.
  • Contribute to the Mandeville Fund, which provides assistance to minority families who are not Catholic, who live in the city and who desire an education at St. Margaret of Scotland School.
  • Pray with The Angela Project Presents: 40 Days of Prayer for the Liberation of American Descendants of Slavery (Simmons College of Kentucky) over Lent.
  • Follow the Catholic Racial Justice Collaborative on Facebook.
  • Join the St. Louis Reconciliation Network, the Reparative Justice Coalition of St. Louis, or another anti-racism organization.
  • Learn more about systemic racism, environmental racism, food deserts, housing inequity, and segregation in St. Louis.
  • Review the recommendations from Forward Through Ferguson and determine where you can commit your energy.
  • Support local Black-owned businesses.
  • Go to a performance at the Black Rep.
  • Visit the Vashon Museum, the Griot Museum, or the Scott Joplin House in St. Louis.

Over the course of nine weeks, the SMOS Living Justice Ministry – Racial Equity Team will present reflections from various parishioners on the Parish Statement on Racism.  To read more about the Statement, please go to the front page of the Parish website at

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